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But then he decided to start impersonating Elvis.  It was an instant sensation! In the ‘90’s when Austin Power’s became popular, he added that character to his repertoire. Yeah Baby, yeah!


Johnny became known for some of his other characters, like the Grim Reaper, for Over-the-Hill Birthdays, Gorilla-Grams and a very unique character, The Hairy Fairy!


Of course, around the holidays he portrays a very convincing Santa Claus. He has never missed an opportunity to put a smile on somebody’s face, young or old!

Johnny Rose is an icon in St. Louis, known for selling roses and singing songs in the nightclubs throughout St. Louis for more than 20 years.


Dressed in a tuxedo he would carry his roses in a basket through such well known establishments as Al Baker’s Restaurant, AJ’s, at the Adam’s Mark, and many locations on Laclede’s Landing, throughout St. Louis County, normally ending his night at the Oz disco and Pop’s Saloon in Sauget, IL.


Many of Johnny’s clients would run into him 2 or 3 times in an evening. Fortunately, because of his laid back style and tendency to give away a complimentary rose, his clients were always happy to see him.


As he sold his roses, it became a tradition for people to ask Johnny to sing, often times for someone’s birthday, or many times just for the fun of it! Back in the ‘80’s he became famous for singing New York, New York, sometimes even standing on the bar entertaining a club full of people.


So there he was in a tuxedo, singing songs with roses. It seemed a natural next step to offer his services delivering singing telegrams! For several years he limited his singing telegrams to the tuxedo style

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