John Barrett is an entrepreneur, musician, and storyteller. He runs several businesses in media, merchandise, and music, combining strategic thinking with creative innovation. He applies a clear-cut strategic vision to all the businesses he helps grow. Whether he's helping businesses thrive or making music, John knows how to connect with people, combining his business expertise with storytelling and artistic expression.

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When they see me and how hard I’m going. They are gonna come at you like sharks. 🦈 my goal is to bring you so much value you can use me as example. <br> I’m going to communicate how Dorothy House and John Barret helped and do continue to help. <br> I really enjoyed the whole process. I think there is a ton of value being there working with the team. Getting coached through. It’s almost mandatory. I just picked up 3 years in a day. <br> Srishty talked about tonality. It made me think of how I can share so many good things with out being hyped that will be of value to people.


Dude - can’t wait to get out there and crush it putting this content together. My brother said it was an awesome experience from the way you set it up and how much you care. It means a lot you showing us the path and rolling out the red carpet. We really appreciate the way you have treated us ✅ we won’t ever forget we continue to grow we won’t ever stop flying the Dorothy House flag.

Guitar Center

The team has nothing but good things to say about you so I wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU! This whole process is brand new for us and we are learning as we go so i very much appreciate your partnership and working with us. I know we haven’t been easy with the million back and forths as we figure out the process. I think this next round will be better for sure and i look forward to seeing the outputs. Please reach out if you need anything at all.

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